Tips to Keep Your Lawn Fresh and Alive

Garden Lawn

After creating an amazing outdoor space just the way you want it and furnished with the right type of soil and grass of your choice, the next issue that comes to your mind is how to maintain the lawn. Lawns are beautiful. They give unimaginable comfort but you have to give it the maximum attention to ensure that they will remain this way. A lawn full of weed, mud and deed grasses is unpleasing to the eye and nobody will love to seat in such places for relaxation purposes. Summer is fast approaching and there is a struggle to create the perfect possible lawn that owners will turn to during the season. This guide will furnish you with a few tips to achieve a perfect lawn.

Though the process of maintaining a lawn might seem hard to some people who would prefer to employ the services of an expert, with the right information and tool you can put everything in place. It is important to note that it takes more than one time care for a lawn to thrive well. You  need to give it continuous attention from time to time. The best period of time to till a lawn is in autumn and spring as this will give it ample chance to grow well in summer. The first thing to consider when maintaining a lawn is the obstacles that the grasses may encounter in a long run such as thatch, weed, and moss.

You should make sure that you level all thatches and treat mosses so that the grasses can thrive well. Take active steps to locate weed and remove them because their presence will make the lawn to lose its touch. Another obstacle the lawn may encounter as time goes by is excessive water. This is the reason why you have to take active steps to ensure that the lawn has a proper drainage system, as a lack of it may lead to the lawn becoming waterlogged. You should also practice aeration from time to time in order to allow the soil absorb air and water properly thus allowing the garden to thrive well.

In addition, regular supply of seed and manure will also ensure the continued survival of the lawn as this will assist plants that are tired or unable to thrive well by allowing the growth of new ones. Maintaining a lawn is not an easy task but the joy and comfort that follows are worth the time spent in keeping the grasses alive. When mowing, it is advised to leave at least one-third of the length of grasses. Mowing should only be done when necessary. The number of times required will be dependant on the condition of the weather.

An important way to ensure the survival of the grasses is to water and feed them regularly. It is recommended to grow your grasses locally rather than buying and planting already grown grasses. It is also better to avoid raking as much as possible and adopt a mulching mower instead. Top dressing is also an important part of maintaining a lawn. You should mulch with wood and then top dress with cypress. You can also try protecting trees in the garden with mulch. It will be easier to achieve a fresh and good looking lawn if these steps are closely adhered to.