Tips on Traveling to Europe on a Budget

Europe Travel

A lot of things may seem new to people who travel to Europe for the first time, but with the right guidance, you will be prepared for all the things you may encounter on your voyage of discovery. This guide will furnish you with the necessary tips on the do’s and don’ts of traveling to Europe. It is only natural that the way the day to day activities are carried out in Europe is different from that of the region where you are traveling from. How these differences influence your decision during your travel matters a lot as it can impact on your experience positively or negatively.

First, ensure that you have all the necessaries that you may need in the course of your journeys such as a perfect outfit, suitcase, personal care and even over-the-counter medications that you feel you may need. You may also want to book your flight at least 5 days before traveling. When you get to Europe, the first thing you have to do is get a comfortable accommodation where you would lay your head throughout your stay in Europe. Apartments are easy to find and relatively inexpensive as you can find a dorm for as low as €15 per night. The cost of dorm rooms is even lower in eastern Europe where you can find rooms for as low as €6 per night depending on the size of the room.

However, the cost may increase to about €27 if you prefer to go for a room that is meant for two. These apartments offer free services that may include Wi-Fi, linens, breakfast and much more depending on the website. Alternatively, you may want to consider staying with friends.

Couchsurf also let you connect with locals who are willing to allow you stay with them for free. Camping in gardens is also an excellent idea. There are several amazing camping services but you may want to check “Camp in My Garden”. The platform allows you to see people who are willing to allow you pitch your tent in their backyards either for free or for a low cost that may range from €3 to €30.

Another very important thing to consider during your travel to Europe is the food. You can easily find places with palatable and budget-friendly meals for as low as €4. Restaurants are mostly found in places like pedestrian path and bus or train stations. Fast food may range from sausages to sandwiches, and pizza. However, there are few things you should look out for when choosing which restaurant to eat, such as avoiding restaurants with pictures on the menu as the pictures do not reflect what the restaurant actually offers most of the times. Meanwhile, the cost of food in the east is cheaper compared to that of the west as you can spend as little as €9 per day on food.

You may also want to consider preparing your food at home which may cost you only about €60 weekly. A picnic is another amazing experience. You should try preparing your own food and eat outside while you watch the city go about its daily activities. Finally, transportation is another important thing you should consider during the course of your tour as you overall experience is greatly dependent on this. You can transport yourself through the city for as low as €2 by using the subway, local trains or buses. If you are not sure if train or buses can get you to your destination, you may want to try budget airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair, Transavia, and Wizz. If you follow these tips carefully, you can travel to Europe and have an amazing experience even on a budget.