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Slapshot is a sports comedy movie that was released in 1977. The movie was directed by George Roy Hill and penned by Nancy Dowd.  Slapshot starred Michael Ontkean and Paul Newman as its lead actors and has a theme that shows the life and activities of a minor league hockey team. The had to go violent in order to become more popular in the small town. The lady behind the script is believed to have written it in a way that reflects on her brother Ned Dowd’s experiences when he was playing on minor league hockey teams in 1970. Since it was released, the movie has received tons and tons of mixed reviews from individuals who saw it. Slapshot recorded a moderate success with box office and is generally referred to as a cult classic movie.

The sports movie was set in a fictional town known as Charlestown. Slapshot tells a story of the town local industry which is about to lay off about 10,000 of its workers. It is believed that the development would dramatically affect the minor league hockey team and eventually lead to it being wrapped off. When it came to the knowledge of the team’s coach Reggie Dunlop that the team would likely be folded, he decided to allow the Hanson Brothers lose to their opponent. Although the brother’s violent style of playing excites their fans, it did not stop the coach from using violent in retooling the team thereby attracting the attention of the crowd.

Meanwhile, the new style of play adopted by the team led to unexpected consequences not only to Dunlop but also to the Chiefs’ star player, Ned Braden, as well as other members of the team. Afterwards, the games devolved into brawls that even led the local police on one occasion into the locker room to arrest the movie stars. Dunlop eventually found out that all his ploy to prevent the team from been folded by resorting to violence was to no avail as the owner of the team still intends to fold it as a tax write-off. Dunlop then decided to abandon his violent strategy but it was too late as their opponent in Syracuse has already recruited goons into their own team in preparation for the championship game.

The movie was followed by two sequels, Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice in 2002 and Slap Shot 3: The Junior League in 2008. The theme and plot of the movie are also being depicted in latest hockey video games one of which is known as NHL Slapshot on Wii. The hockey video game brings back Wayne Gretzky and features large plastic hockey stick and also allow players to enjoy the game with a remote and Nunchuk that features a design that actually looks like a hockey stick. If you are a Slapshot fan then this game is worth a try.